Juveniles Charged with Misdemeanors

When your child is facing juvenile delinquency misdemeanor charges, it is of utmost importance that you get an effective defense lawyer. The effects of being adjudicated delinquent or convicted of any crime can be long lasting and possibly permanent. Sometimes charges can appear on criminal records long after the defendant is over the age of 18 and can last until the age of 31.

The right misdemeanor representation for Arizona juveniles

Jeremy Geigle of Jackson White Law is an Arizona juvenile defense lawyer representing young people in Tucson, Phoenix, Flagstaff, Mesa, and major cities throughout the state. Jeremy is extremely practiced in all areas of juvenile misdemeanor charges and will present a powerful defense aimed at preventing your child from having to face massive fines, time in a juvenile detention facility, and later difficulty finding employment, serving in the military, or going to college.

Jeremy is equipped to combat criminal charges by offering a strong defense and negotiating a disposition with the prosecutor and judge that is in your child’s best interest. It is important to get in contact with Jeremy as soon as possible so you can be prepared every step of the way. The first court appearance is extremely important, and Jeremy will help you and your child to be prepared for it.

Get a juvenile defense lawyer early on

Often the first step in a juvenile misdemeanor case occurs when the prosecution office schedules a meeting with your child. Whatever your child says can be used against him or her by the prosecution and often results in worse fines and more serious charges. Having Jeremy present can prevent a mistake that can jeopardize the case. Jeremy frequently succeeds in having juvenile misdemeanor charges completely dropped.

Avoid long term consequences

Typically when juveniles act up it is simply a mistake. It is easy for young people to be persuaded by peer pressure, something that happens to nearly everyone at some point in life. When a juvenile delinquency case does occur it does not mean that the defendant is a bad person. Jeremy Geigle will work to prevent juvenile misdemeanor charges staying with your child into adulthood. Jackson White has a long track record of having charges dropped or records expunged so your child can enjoy a clean record.

Call Jeremy today for a free initial consultation and get the necessary help to make sure your son or daughter does not have to suffer unnecessary long-term consequences that result from juvenile delinquency charges.

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