Juvenile Theft Crimes

Many of the young people that we at Jackson White Law represent have been accused of theft, ranging from shoplifting to the more serious crimes of burglary and robbery. It is not uncommon for adolescents and teens who are normally well-behaved to give in to peer pressure and commit a theft crime on a dare. This is often a part of wanting to “fit in” or be “cool” more than a sign of criminal mentality. Nevertheless, the consequences can be serious and life-altering if they are not handled properly. It is therefore very important to seek out the services of an attorney who is thoroughly familiar with the juvenile court system to represent a child who has been accused of theft of any kind.

More favorable outcomes for theft are available in juvenile court

When these charges are heard before a juvenile court judge, the penalties may not be as severe as when heard in an adult court. No one in Arizona wants to see a young life destroyed for what in the immature mind of a young person was a prank or a dare, but unfortunately, this sometimes happens, especially if a teenager is close to turning 18.

Experienced counsel protects the rights of youth

An experienced juvenile attorney will work with prosecutors and judges toward a disposition of the case that does not involve detention, and preferably does not result in a permanent record. This means keeping the case in juvenile court, even if the person being accused is approaching his or her 18th birthday, and whenever possible, negotiating participation in a diversionary program that will result in the charges being dropped. This kind of disposition can make an enormous difference in the outcome of the case and the child’s ability to resume a normal and productive life.

You will need to contact an Arizona juvenile defense attorney as soon as possible if your child is facing criminal charges of theft, including shoplifting, burglary, petty theft, robbery, credit card fraud, or identity theft . A strong defense will be more likely to yield a disposition that does not include detention and that provides the accused youth with counseling, guidance, and possibly dropped charges. This is the best way to keep your child’s future options wide open, in many cases without the roadblocks posed by a criminal record.

Jeremy Geigle at Jackson White Law has the experience that you are looking for in defending juveniles accused of theft crimes. He knows his way around the juvenile system, is familiar with the options that are available, and knows how to negotiate with prosecutors and judges in the best interests of the child. He has successfully represented many young people, helping to get their lives back on track.

Jackson White Law accepts cases throughout the entire state of Arizona, so whether you live in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Prescott, Tucson, or anywhere else in the state, Jeremy can provide the skilled juvenile defense you are looking for.

Call Jeremy for a free initial consultation to ensure that your child’s rights are protected from the very earliest stages of his or her encounter with the legal system.

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