Juvenile Physical Assault

Physical assault occurs when a person physically attacks another person or threatens to harm them. Physical assault may or may not involve a weapon. It is a violent crime and juveniles who are charged with physical assault may be transferred into the adult legal system, especially if a deadly weapon was used. If this happens, they may be subject to the same harsh sentences as an adult facing the same charge.

Types of Physical Assault

  1. Death threats
  2. Physical threats (making fists, throwing things, stalking, etc.)
  3. Attacks or fights
  4. Assault using a weapon
  5. Robbery with the use of a deadly weapon

If your child is accused of physical assault it is important to contact an experienced juvenile defense attorney immediately. Unlike some other non-violent juvenile crimes, physical assault charges are very serious and a conviction can permanently affect your child’s future. Depending on the nature of the assault, a minor may be tried in adult court. This is likely to occur if the defendant has prior convictions, is over the age of 14, or if a deadly weapon was used. The impact the assault had on the victim is also taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to try a minor as an adult.

In the adult system sentencing varies depending on the nature of the crime, but may include heavy fines and/or several years in jail.

Jeremy Geigle, a juvenile defense attorney with Jackson White Law, with offices in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona, has the knowledge and experience in juvenile criminal law to develop the best possible defense for your child. While each case is unique and the appropriate defense strategy will vary from case to case, Mr. Geigle provides individualized attention to each of his clients when developing the right course of action.

Possible defenses for physical assault

  1. Self defense
  2. Necessity
  3. Insufficient evidence, for example no weapon found
  4. Defense of a third person

Because of the seriousness of an accusation of physical assault, it is essential that the accused have an attorney present before speaking to police or prosecutor.

Jeremy Geigle understands the impact of a conviction on a child’s future. His goal is to protect each and every child facing criminal charges from severe sentencing and a permanent criminal record which will diminish their ability to grow into contributing members of society.

Call Jeremy immediately if facing an interrogation or to schedule a consultation to begin working immediately on an effective defense.

Jeremy handles physical assault cases anywhere within the state of Arizona.

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