Juvenile Charged with False Reporting of an Emergency & Disrupting an Educational Institution in Tucson, AZ

by on January 30, 2014

Back in October, police in Tucson, AZ responded to a 911 call in which the person claimed there were three people with guns on the campus of Santa Anita High School, the same building that had been on lockdown just one day prior after a neighbor reported seeing a suspicious person possibly carrying weapons walking into the school.

Soon after arriving on campus for the second day in a row, officers soon realized that the 911 call was a hoax. A 14-year-old male student was subsequently arrested and taken into custody and now faces charges for interfering with or disrupting an educational institution and false reporting of an emergency.

Safety Concerns at Santa Anita

This scare came amid rising concerns regarding student safety at Santa Anita High School, with parents claiming that their children do not feel safe there. In response to the allegations, Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) Assistant Superintendent for High Schools, Dr. Abel Morado stated that a new principal, an assistant principal, and another counselor will be instated at the school. TUSD has also released that they are “addressing student discipline concerns at the high school.”

False Reporting of an Emergency in Tucson, AZ

According to A.R.S. 13-2907, a person commits false reporting in Arizona by circulating or initiating a report of a fire, bombing, offense, or another emergency knowing that such report is false and intending any of the following:

  • That will place a person in fear of imminent serious physical injury.
  • That it will prevent or interrupt the occupation of any building, place of assembly, means of transportation, room, or public place.
  • That it will cause action of any sort by an official or volunteer agency organized to deal with emergencies.

False reporting is typically charged as a class 1 misdemeanor in Arizona, unless it is a second violation, in which case it will be charged as a class 6 felony.

Liable for Expenses

Any person who is convicted of false reporting in AZ that resulted in an emergency response or investigation is liable for the expenses that are incurred as a result of an emergency response or investigation. If the offender is a juvenile who is adjudicated delinquent, the court may order them to pay the expenses as restitution.

It is not uncommon for a child to call 911 as a prank or an attempt to get attention. In the case of the Tucson teen above, it’s likely that his friends peer-pressured him into calling in a gun threat in the hopes of missing classes for a second day in a row, not thinking about the potential consequences or the fact that he was wasting law enforcement time and money. If your child has been accused of false reporting of an emergency in Tucson, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, or another AZ city, the juvenile defense attorneys at JacksonWhite will work to decrease their penalties and protect their future. Get the help your child needs to keep their record clean—dial 480-818-9943 to schedule a FREE and private consultation with dedicated JacksonWhite juvenile crimes lawyer, Jeremy Geigle.

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