Juvenile Burglary in the Arizona Courts

In Arizona, burglary is defined as the act of entering the property of another person while intending to partake in theft or any other felony once on the property. When juveniles are charged with burglary, the case may be heard in the juvenile courts or, depending on the circumstances and how close the juvenile is to turning 18, it could be transferred to the adult courts. There are three varying degrees of this charge in Arizona.

Degrees of burglary

First degree burglary occurs when a person goes into a nonresidential structure, commercial area, or residential area that is fenced in with the objective of committing theft or another felony.

Second degree burglary is the process of entering a residential structure, without permission, with the objective to commit theft or another felony.  The difference between first and second degree burglaries is that second degree ones are a class 3 felony and involve entering a residential structure, like a person’s home.

Third degree burglary occurs if a deadly weapon, dangerous tools, or explosives are involved in a burglary. This can be a class 3 or a class 2 felony in Arizona.

Juvenile burglary defense

Burglary can be an extremely serious felony that could have potential long-term consequences for juveniles. The Arizona juvenile defense lawyers at Jackson White Law are extremely experienced in taking juvenile burglary cases.  With the entire future of a child in jeopardy it is extremely important that someone who cares about the child hire a lawyer with a record of success.  Being convicted of a burglary charge can inhibit juveniles from getting good jobs and higher education in the future, which is why Having an Arizona juvenile defense lawyer with years of experience and the appropriate tools to make the strongest case possible is the best choice.

Our Arizona juvenile defense lawyers will fight aggressively until the disposition to give the juvenile defendant a clean slate or as clean a record as possible so that the young person is not plagued by looming mistakes made in the past.

Having a strong defense is the most important protection against a serious juvenile burglary crime, and the sooner you call our office the quicker we can get started in protecting your future.

Jeremy Geigle safeguards the rights of Arizona youth accused of burglary

Call Jeremy Geigle, an experienced Arizona juvenile burglary defense lawyer with Jackson White Law, and get a free consultation for the best protection when confronting the legal system. Put your future or that of a child who is important to you in good hands by taking advantage of Jeremy’s legal experience defending Arizona’s youth. We will discuss your case and begin examining defenses and arguments as soon as possible.

Jeremy defends juvenile cases in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Prescott, Mesa, Gilbert, Tucson, and anywhere in the state of Arizona.

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