Destroying Juvenile Records in Arizona

by on December 10, 2012

In Arizona, it is possible for a juvenile record to be destroyed so that it may not be requested as a public record. If your child has been convicted of a crime and their case has been processed in the Arizona juvenile court system, you can apply to have the adjudication set aside and the juvenile record destroyed with the help of an experienced JacksonWhite juvenile crimes attorney.

If a juvenile record is not destroyed, it is available for public request, and any minor with a criminal record will have a harder time avoiding crime and achieving success in the future. While there are some limitations based upon the offense committed, there is no reason why a juvenile with a criminal record shouldn’t apply to have it destroyed.

If you are interested in applying to have you or your child’s juvenile record destroyed in Arizona, the juvenile crime defense team at JacksonWhite will ensure that you achieve your goals. Skilled juvenile defense attorney, Jeremy Geigle, offers free consultations at his offices in the Phoenix Valley and in Tucson. Call today to schedule your appointment at 480-818-9943.

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