Defense for Juvenile Felony Charges

The justice process for juveniles facing felony charges in Arizona is much different from the adult justice system. Sentencing is often less harsh for juveniles and is focuses mainly on rehabilitation rather than punishment. Cases for juvenile delinquent felony charges are determined by a single judge, and juvenile records are closed off from the public. The Arizona juvenile defense attorneys at Jackson White Law are experts in juvenile felony cases and have a long record of success in the courtroom.

Not only is the process different but the terminology that applies to juveniles are faced with criminal charges process is different than when adults are charged. Juveniles are considered ‘delinquents’ rather than criminals, and the court’s job is to intervene to correct what has happened. This is why rehabilitation is often the preferred intervention, because juveniles are under the age of 18 and kids make mistakes.

Possibility of transfer to the adult courts

If the crime is serious enough and the child is over the age of 14, juveniles can sometimes be charged as adults. Juveniles with adult convictions are usually charged with sexual or violent felony charges, typically with other minors.

The penalty if your child is charged with an adult felony is far greater than if charged as a juvenile. If your child is charged, he or she will face a permanent criminal record with a long-term social stigma, as well as difficulty getting jobs and getting into colleges and universities, or serving in the military. The repercussions are harsh, which is why the Arizona juvenile defense attorneys at Jackson White Law will work tirelessly to guarantee that you or your child is not faced with a more difficult life. Often, once people have been through the adult prison system, many stay in it for the better part of their lives.

Since 2007, a new law in Arizona has provided juveniles charged with felony offences more opportunity to challenge the transfer of their case into the adult judicial system. In light of this change of law it is more important than ever to call an Arizona juvenile defense attorney as soon as you or your child is charged with a juvenile felony offense.

Getting experienced juvenile felony defense: an investment in your child’s future

Jeremy Geigle at Jackson White Law understands what to present in court, how to handle meetings with the prosecution, and how to combine arguments for a realistic and compelling defense. Call us for a free consultation today. We will commit to fighting aggressively to keep your child out of the adult court system and to present a thorough and aggressive defense wherever the case is heard.

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