Defacing Property

Purposeful defacing of private and public property belonging to someone else with malicious intent to destroy it or diminish its value is also called vandalism. Included under the blanket definition of the term ‘vandalism’ are graffiti, smashing mailboxes, keying cars, and other offenses. In some cases, even possessing things that might be used to vandalize, such as a can of spray paint, could elicit charges of vandalism.

When children and adolescents deface property, they sometimes see it as a prank.They may be doing it on a dare from peers, not realizing the seriousness of their actions and the potential consequences.

Legal consequences of defacing property

The consequences that result from defacing property vary in degree and can include small fines, large fines of thousands of dollars, being required to repair or replace the property that has been affected, counseling, probation, community service, expulsion from school, loss of driver’s license, and sometimes placement in a juvenile detention center. Based on whether the damage is large or small, defacing property can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony: the worse the damage, the worse the consequences are likely to be.

Experienced representation for the child’s best interest

When it becomes necessary to defend a juvenile charge of defacing property, Arizona juvenile defense attorney Jeremy Geigle of Jackson White Law is ready to quickly identify the best way to minimize the charges in Tucson, Phoenix, Flagstaff, and any other location in Arizona.

By calling a juvenile defense attorney as soon as possible, you can ensure that the child or adolescent will be taken care of by a lawyer who knows the system inside and out. Jeremy will work aggressively and relentlessly to ensure the most convincing defense possible to minimize the repercussions of a juvenile charge of defacing property.

Negotiating skill helps bring about a positive outcome

Because the intent of the juvenile court system is to rehabilitate young offenders rather than to punish, Jeremy can frequently work with a prosecutor and judge to get the young person into a diversionary program that may result in the charges eventually being dropped upon successful completion.

Jeremy brings to your child’s defense years of necessary experience; he has seen it all. His extensive experience has given him the ability to identify the best defense, based on the circumstances of the case. For example, the damage may have been accidental, or some other person may be responsible. Whatever the cause, juvenile defense lawyer Jeremy Geigle is fully equipped to make a strong defense based on the details available.

Avoid detrimental effects of defacing property charge in Arizona

A juvenile record can have detrimental long term effects in a young person’s life, placing the child’s reputation in jeopardy and making it difficult to obtain employment, college admission, or to serve in the military. Let Arizona juvenile defense lawyer Jeremy Geigle provide you with the assurance that every option will be explored to protect your child’s future.

Call Jeremy today to schedule an appointment to explore your child’s legal options. There is no charge for the initial consultation.

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