Woman & Daughter Break into School to Attack a Student, Juvenile Assault Charges for Teen Girl

by March 25, 2013

Precious Allen, a Cincinnati mother, was accused of breaking into a high school classroom to accompany her teenage daughter in attacking another student. Around 2 p.m. on a Tuesday in February, Allen, her daughter, and another woman began knocking on one of the school’s front doors and were let into Read more »

Be Careful What You Post Online! Two Juvenile Girls Arrested for Aggravated Menacing

by March 22, 2013

Two juvenile girls, one 15 and one 16, were arrested in Steubenville, Ohio after they posted threatening comments on Twitter and Facebook. The teenage girls were held at a juvenile detention facility after threating the 16-year-old victim of a rape case that has caught national media attention, one in which Read more »

Two Juveniles Convicted of Rape in Steubenville Trial

by March 20, 2013

The Steubenville rape trial involving high school football players has been at the forefront of national media for months. However, it was only recently that 16-year-old Ma’lik Richmond and 17-year-old Trent Mays were found delinquent by a judge for sexually assaulting their 16-year-old classmate. Mays and Richmond will be required Read more »

Juvenile Murder, Evading Police, and Reckless Driving without a License

by March 18, 2013

In 2011, 15-year-old Christopher Endicott was charged with murdering his two guardians, Gary and Barbara Holloway. Police had issued an Amber Alert for Endicott and his “girlfriend,” 12-year-old Kyra Shockley, after the girl was reported missing by her mother. Soon after the alert was issued, the Holloways were found shot Read more »

Should Prosecutors Have the Option to Charge Juveniles as Adults?

by March 15, 2013

There has been a surging debate in recent years about whether or not juveniles should be tried as adults for certain crimes in the United States. Many people believe that someone, even a child, should be punished according to their crime; others find such a sentence too harsh, suggesting that Read more »

Number of Juvenile Murder Cases in North Carolina is “Frightening”

by March 13, 2013

In the past 6 months in Wake County, North Carolina, officials have arrested 7 boys under the age of 16 for first-degree murder, a fact that Wake County District Attorney Colon Willoughby says is “very frightening.” In January, two teens were arrested, one 15, for the murders of two parents Read more »

Minor in Consumption Penalties in Arizona

by March 11, 2013

The legal age to consume alcohol in Arizona is 21, and anyone under the age of 21 found guilty of drinking alcohol can be charged with minor in consumption. The penalties vary for a juvenile offender who is charged with minor in consumption of alcohol, and they depend on the Read more »

3 Juveniles Charged in NY Sexual Hazing Incident

by March 8, 2013

Three juveniles are facing charges for their involvement in multiple sexual hazing incidents at the Bronx High School of Science, an elite high school in New York. The defendants, 16-year-old Thomas Brady, 16-year-old Boubacar Diallo, and 17-year-old Pier Berkmans, will be tried as adults for the forcible touching, assault, second-degree Read more »

Group of Juveniles Face Felony Assault Charges for Ambushing Stranger

by March 6, 2013

On a Saturday night in August, 45-year-old Pat Mahaney was walking home from a convenient store near his house with a six-pack of beer when he was suddenly struck from behind. Though the initial blow immediately knocked Mahaney unconscious, his attackers, a group of 13 and 14-year-olds, continued to beat Read more »

Teen Burglar Shot by Homeowner, Juvenile Accomplice Now Faces Murder Charges

by March 4, 2013

Two juveniles, 15-year-old Demetrius Murphy and 17-year-old Michael Bryant, attempted to break into a home in Missouri in mid-February. However, the burglary did not go as the teens had planned. As Murphy and Bryant tried to break into a home around 1:30 a.m. on Feb 15, they awakened the 33-year-old Read more »


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