Juveniles Can Face a Wide Variety of Punishments in Arizona

by September 12, 2012

Juveniles who commit minor offenses in Arizona can be given punishments such as counseling, community service, or they may be required to write a letter of apology. However, if a juvenile commits a serious offense, they can be sent to a juvenile correction facility. If the offense is extremely serious, Read more »

Florida Teen May be Tried as an Adult for Accidentally Shooting her Friend

by September 10, 2012

A 13-year-old girl in Clearwater, Florida was fooling around with a Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun, when she accidently shot her friend, 15-year-old Ryan Greenlee. The girl told police she was only trying to scare her friend, and that she didn’t know the gun was loaded. Police have charged her Read more »

Juvenile Criminal Trespassing in Arizona

by September 7, 2012

Both minors and adults can be charged with criminal trespassing in Arizona, but the minor will most likely be charged as a juvenile, and will likely receive less severe punishments than an adult. In Arizona, juveniles are given far more leniency in the courts. Most juveniles who are charged with Read more »

When Can a Juvenile Be Tried as an Adult in Arizona?

by September 5, 2012

An offender doesn’t have to be 18 years old to be tried as an adult in the state of Arizona. Juvenile offenders can also be charged as an adult depending on the circumstances of the offense. A.R.S 13-501 states that a county attorney will bring charges against a juvenile in Read more »

Removing a Juvenile Criminal Record in Arizona

by August 31, 2012

In Arizona, juvenile criminal records are available for public request, unless the individual with the criminal record applies to have it destroyed. If you were convicted of a crime as a minor in Arizona, it would be extremely beneficial for you to check and see if you can apply to Read more »

Baltimore Teen Will Be Tried as an Adult after Shooting another Student

by August 29, 2012

15-year-old, Robert Gladden has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and first-degree assault after he shot another student on the first day of classes. Gladden apparently brought a disassembled shotgun to school with him on Monday, Aug 27, assembled the weapon on campus, and then entered the school cafeteria at Read more »

Chandler Juvenile Charged with Burglary

by August 27, 2012

In January 2012, a teenager from Chandler was arrested and charged with two counts of burglary. This particular 17-year-old has a known connection of gang activity and multiple past warrants. While the courts in Arizona are generally lenient towards juvenile offenders, if the suspect has a record of criminal behavior, Read more »

Intense Probation for Juveniles in Arizona

by August 24, 2012

In an attempt to limit the number of juvenile offenders, the state of Arizona has implemented certain programs to help curb the criminal behavior that’s developed in recent years. One of these programs is called intense probation. The juvenile must agree and follow a set of rules and conditions in Read more »

Juveniles can Plead Guilty and Agree to Probation in Arizona

by August 22, 2012

Teenagers and young children can often get involved in crime before they understand the long lasting repercussions that criminal convictions can have on their future. However, there is a way for juvenile criminals to start over with a clean slate after they’ve successfully completed the terms of their probation. Arizona Read more »


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