Arizona Attorney Jeremy Geigle is a Dedicated Advocate for Juvenile Defendants

Children and adolescents are not adults; they lack the mature judgment of an adult. In establishing a separate juvenile justice system, the State of Arizona recognized that when juveniles use poor judgment, make mistakes, and break the law, applying the full force of the law is usually neither in the best interests of the child nor of society. Instead, the law needs to provide guidance to help keep the young person on track toward a productive and law-abiding adulthood, giving them the opportunity to learn to make better choices. With that in mind, the juvenile justice system was designed to be less punitive and more rehabilitative.

But there has been a tendency in recent years to override the concept of a separate rehabilitative juvenile justice and to certify youngsters to be tried as adults for certain crimes. This trend is not helpful and may have the effect of exposing young offenders to more seasoned adult criminals who serve as the wrong kind of role models.

Your child has the constitutional right to the best defense available

The United States Constitution gives everyone, including juveniles, the right to legal representation, and every juvenile defendant without a lawyer will be assigned a public defender. Unfortunately, the public defenders’ caseloads are staggering, and in spite of their dedication to justice, these lawyers must spread themselves very thin.

When a child is arrested, parents are often in a state of shock and worried that a criminal charge will limit the child’s options for the future. Many parents realize that this is a time when their child needs the help of someone with the ability to devote time and attention to their child’s case—someone who is experienced in keeping juveniles in the system that was put in place to meet their needs and who knows how to navigate through that system and to make it work to meet the best interest of the child. If the worst happens and state does certify the child to be tried as an adult, you need a skilled defense lawyer who can carefully and skillfully make your child’s case in pretrial negotiations with prosecutors and ultimately before a judge and/or jury.

Protect your child’s future

The right lawyer can give your child a chance at a future that he or she is at risk of losing.

Jeremy Geigle of Jackson White Law understands a parent’s anguish when their child is facing a criminal charge, and he is an experienced and dedicated advocate for youth who are facing the frightening prospect of dealing with the justice system. He wants what you want for your child—the opportunity to move past the alleged indiscretion that can be attributed to poor judgment and immaturity, and on to a full and productive life.

If your child has been arrested and is facing criminal charges in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, Mesa, Glendale, Tempe, Peoria, Prescott, Tucson, and Flagstaff, or anywhere else in Arizona, call Jeremy for a free consultation to discuss the options available for his or her defense. You’ll be glad you did.

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