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The Exceptional Juvenile Attorney in Phoenix

If you or your child have been charged with a juvenile crime in Arizona, putting the best legal help in your corner can make all the difference. At JacksonWhite Law, we do exactly that: leverage our experience, knowledge and aggressive representation to give you the best possible defense.

Why Choose JacksonWhite Law?

For more than 20 years, we’ve provided clients in the Phoenix metro area, and throughout Arizona, with superior criminal defense services.

We can work to get you the most appealing legal outcomes:

       ✓ Reduced charges

       ✓ Limited penalties

       ✓ Expunged records

Get the Best Chance of Success in Court

When it comes to juvenile crimes in Arizona, the legal system puts a focus on rehabilitation and transition over incarceration. But in order to take advantage of this focus, you need to have a legal defense that works for you in court. The juvenile attorneys at JacksonWhite Law have helped hundreds of families facing juvenile charges, and we always work to ensure you’ll get the most of your day in court.

Our legal team offers compassionate, committed help when juveniles need it most. We have strong connections to our community and understand the importance of the futures of today’s youths, and we do everything we can to protect their rights when it comes to legal situations. To learn more about the juvenile system, continue reading below.

How Juvenile Law Works in Arizona

There are four juvenile matters phases:

  • pre-filing of charges period
  • detention
  • jurisdiction
  • disposition

During the pre filing charges period is when the courts come into contact with law enforcement. During this time is when you need to find an Arizona juvenile defense attorney right away if your child was released to you. The first step in the court process is the detention hearing which happens once a minor has been detained by law enforcement and they have filed a petition that alleges the child caused criminal conduct.

If the petition has disputed allegations, then the court sets a jurisdiction hearing which is like being tried in adult court. Having a jurisdiction hearing is not for the jury, but a judge, and to consider if the courts need to become involved in controlling the juvenile.

The criminal conduct allegations must be proved beyond reasonable doubt during the jurisdiction hearing. The court will then take action to the case, during the disposition phase – simliar to being sentenced in adult court. If you are in need of a juvenile defense lawyer in Arizona, you should find one right away to help you with your case.

Hire the Team Focused on Your Future

If you need help with a juvenile case, call the juvenile defense team at JacksonWhite Law, led by attorney Jeremy Geigle. We’ll discuss your case, explore all angles of defense and provide you with the highest level of legal service.

Call Jeremy Geigle today at (480) 818-9943 for your free consultation.

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